Your digital content may take the form of text, multimedia files (such as audio or video files), or any other file type requiring a content lifecycle and management. Based on your needs, DAJ would manage your content using a set of technologies and processes to support the collection, management and publishing of your information in the specified form.

If your requirements are to track and store your digital documents, DAJ can support the management of the digital documents and may include version control or history tracking, document imaging, workflow and may include the management of records.

DAJ can support your need to control and govern what are considered to be the most important records of your organization throughout the records life-cycle.

Sometimes a modified/tweaked commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product may satisfy your project requirements and may become the project solution or part of the solution. As long as the COTS product is sufficient for your requirements, we could potentially implement a COTS product.